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The Designer

Diaspora New York Designer Angely Cookie
The Designer
Angely was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. At the age of 5, angely left The Caribbean and moved to New York City. After attending her first fashion show at the age of 14 she became fascinated with fashion design. She attended the High School of Fashion Industries where she participated in various fashion shows both as a designer and model. By the time she was 18, Angely became infatuated with dance which lead her to travel around the world. Her travels throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and South America expanded her knowledge and widened her global perspective.
In 2015, Angely graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and began applying her knowledge of production and design by working with various brands. In exploring the fashion industry she quickly realized the need for representation and expression of cultural identity. Understanding the history of the African Diaspora, Angely yearns to create an outlet for both men and women to be part of a cultural story. angely uses bold, vibrant African fabrics to create non-traditional looks.
  Angely Diaspora New York