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The Designer

Angely De Aza Cookie Koekkje Fashion Designer based in New York City Black owned business woman owned zebra dress summer collection african inspired
The Designer

“Through my travels of over 30 countries as a professional dancer, model and martial artist, I realized that design connected the world. That through fashion, architecture and design we could share in the collective experiences of those around us. 

I found myself being the most inspired when I could share designs that connected friends from Korea with the heritage of Africa. And when I wore designs that connected a girl from New York to ancestors of Peru.

This inspired me to create a brand where I could see the flowers of Egypt, the festive shades of Brazil and the colors of sugarcane from my hometown of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. Combined with rich fabrics and modern touches. And I want that connection of history, beauty and life to be experienced by others through my designs.”

Diaspora New York Designer Angely Cookie


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